Perhaps you've heard about Virtual Reality (VR) being used for onboarding or other training. Or you are vaguely aware of Augmented Reality (AR). But what's the difference?

In simple terms, VR is like immersing yourself in a whole other world - a made-up world where you watch and interact. Or it can be as simple as a 360 degree camera view of a scene you can now witness in 3D or 4D.

Augmented Reality (AR) takes the real world and overlays items onto it. Like watching a football game and a line or logo is shown on the field that's not really there, or the craze around Pokemon® collection on the streets everywhere (it's okay if you never really caught on to that). You don't wear a headset, although some may use special glasses. Often, AR is accessed via a phone app.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of AR and VR and Extended Reality (XR) is the new catch-all phrase for what all the others fall under (with more tech to come around that, we're sure!).

Your use of XR for Business - be it Organizational Training, Focus/Wellness, product development, onboarding - however you use immersive technology to enhance your business, that is what we call Business-In-Reality™!