Is your Mid-Market Business Full of Can’ts, And’s and But’s?

I know, that adage is usually stated as, “No If’s, And’s or But’s,” right? Well, IF you are struggling to fill vacancies, IF you realize your competition for employees is only getting fiercer and IF you are trying to train new and existing staff better and faster – and yet balance that against the cost of introducing new technology – this quick read may be a good place to start pondering the Cant’s, And’s and But’s of your hiring dilemma.

IF there was a tool that you needed to get the job done more effectively, you’d get it, right? AND, if you could use that tool in a myriad of ways to entice quality employees, including Digital Natives, that would be a start to building a business case, correct? BUT, what if you don’t have a clue how to get that tool without costing more in time and money than it’s worth to you?

Enterprise businesses are significantly engaged with immersive learning, including Virtual Reality (VR). They use it for onboarding, micro-training, workflow, product development, customer experience, safety training, just to name a few. There are VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and even Mixed Reality (MR) strategies currently being reviewed or deployed by enterprises worldwide.

BUT, if enterprise is onboard, why aren’t mid-market companies? Well, here are three examples of “Can’t, And, But” thinking that may be holding them back:

We CAN’T compete with the big guys.
You may segment your market opportunity or customers differently, but when it comes to attracting quality employees, you are competing against bigger-sized companies and like-sized companies, whether you want to or not.
VR is becoming an important component of today’s competitive business strategy. Recent Deloitte research found that 88 percent of mid-market companies are already using some form of Virtual or Augmented Reality.

AND, we don’t want to anyway.
Really? With unemployment at record lows and positive drug test results at record highs (sadly), can your business exclude itself from any opportunity to find and retain great employees to serve your customers?
When it comes to using VR, understanding the basics of how to engage is easier than you think. And Brandon Hall Group found that VR’s simulation can be more cost-effective than standard e-learning courses!

BUT, we do have issues finding and retaining employees. Who doesn’t?
Oh, how right you are! According to Jobvite’s 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study, almost 30 percent of new hires leave within six months! Yet, The Conference Board reports that current company-offered education/training programs were among the four lowest ranked areas of employee satisfaction for the second year in a row!

VR is perfect for onboarding and a variety of eLearning and Training topics. Immersive, experiential learning like VR has a significantly greater learning retention rate. In fact, researchers found retention can be upwards of 90 percent versus 10-20 percent when the training experience focuses on listening or reading. VR also plays very well for the trend toward micro-learning.

So, there really are no If’s, And’s or But’s about it. Your Can-Do thinking regarding Virtual Reality will help your company stand-out in today’s crowded and competitive hiring and retention market!

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