Our Approach

Our goal is simple: Make it easy for businesses to get in to Reality-based experiences, and make it easy for them to compete with those already there!

We know you have core competencies that drive your success, and KPIs to ensure quality implementation. We also know that Reality-based technology isn't in your core.

We believe Business-In-Reality is a differentiator that all businesses will need to remain competitive. And we can get you there sooner.

We want you to be confident in understanding your opportunity cost:

  • What opportunities are you losing while your staff is busy trying to learn all they need to know to implement immersive learning across your organization?
  • What is it costing you competitively to not prepare for or engage Digital Natives?


Our Story

Our founder, Lorraine Russell, admits she may not be the typical persona for an emerging tech that started as a gaming experience. But the ever-curious Lorraine is steadfast about the mantra, "always be learning." Clients benefit from valuable business know-how, gained over a 30+ year career spanning Fortune 10/500 enterprise (in Retail Banking, Fintech, Cap Markets, Cloud tech), government, advertising agency, nonprofit, higher education and three prior solopreneur endeavors! And she's not done yet!

In 2013 when a client mentioned an emerging technology called augmented reality, Lorraine was intrigued. Never a gamer, she recognized huge potential for the business use of immersive learning. But it was too early. The turning point came in late 2017 when virtual reality headset maker, Oculus® (purchased by Facebook in 2014), introduced affordable commercial equipment bundles for use with original content. It was time. Lorraine recognized that many businesses still need to understand use cases and Total Cost of Operation analysis before stepping into Proof of Concept deployments. She welcomes your questions and engagements as your Business-In-Reality Advisor!

Next Steps...

Whether you want to learn more via our Executive Advising sessions or you are ready to get started with a project, we're honored to be your Business-In-Reality Advisor! Just click that "I'm Ready!" button and we'll get right back to you!