25 Real Examples of Current Business Use of Virtual Reality

Analysts tout impressive growth and opportunity for immersive technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. While still considered emerging technologies, business is already on board.

Enterprise companies, health care organizations and safety-oriented industries are the most frequent current users, but mid-market business and other organizations are also engaged. Deloitte’s 2018 Mid-Market Technology Trends report indicates that 88 percent of mid-market companies are already using some form of virtual or augmented reality in their business.

The following list of 25 innovative U.S. deployments offers a peek at the variety of uses currently underway. More importantly, it points to how quickly non-participating businesses may be left behind.

  1. Fidelity employs Virtual Reality strategically as part of a contingent of new tech designed to compete for Digital Natives.
  2. Chase Lending in Scottsdale, AZ offers one-stop-shopping for properties by offering VR home showings.
  3. An industrial park in Tampa uses VR to market its commercial property.
  4. More than 30 hospitals and healthcare facilities use VRHealth for a variety of uses, including pain management for birthing mothers and cancer patients during chemotherapy to alleviating patient anxiety before and after surgery.
  5. Bought a Ford lately? It may have been designed by engineers using Mixed Reality headsets.
  6. John Deere is using VR to attract a new generation to manufacturing fields, like welding.
  7. Lockheed Martin includes VR/AR tools in its new maker’s space/Innovation Center in Orlando.
  8. VR helps reinvent law enforcement training in NJ.
  9. Surgeons at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles use VR to practice intricate infant surgeries.
  10. TD Ameritrade launched VR as an educational platform for investors.
  11. Infosys develops AR/VR for many enterprises companies and also uses VR at trade shows and employee fairs to showcase its home campus in India.
  12. Macy’s VR Furniture experience is rolling out to 90 stores.
  13. Audi’s VR Car Showroom significantly increases sales.
  14. Boeing and Airbus use VR for design engineering.
  15. SpaceX plans to livestream its Moon launch in VR.
  16. Alaska Airlines is testing in-flight VR for passenger entertainment.
  17. Clemson University is developing a VR curriculum for its Robotics program.
  18. Lowe’s uses Microsoft’s Mixed Reality HoloRoom to help shoppers visualize home remodeling.
  19. Houston’s Training Center of Air Conditioning and Heating uses VR to train HVAC students.
  20. KPMG’s Data and Analytics team uses Mixed Reality for data visualization.
  21. Volvo uses Mixed Reality for “retail-related interactions.” Sales training, perhaps?
  22. The Oil & Gas industry uses AR and VR to simulate natural environments for a variety of research and training uses.
  23. Tyson Foods reports a 20% reduction in injuries and illnesses YoY after conducting safety training in VR.
  24. One of Walmart’s uses for VR was to simulate and train associates for Black Friday.
  25. USAA is working on multiple ways to use AR and VR to to reach its very mobile, military members.

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