Why do business "in Reality?"

Room to Focus makes it easy for mid-tier businesses and organizations to engage and lead in Reality! Whether you want to understand the potential for immersive technologies, like Augmented and Virtual Reality, to resolve a business need, or you seek advice on hardware, content or strategic planning, we're honored to be your Business-In-Reality™ advisor and partner provider!

According to Harvard Business Review research, 87% of enterprise companies already using or planning immersive technology strategies! Don't be left behind!

The Factual Reality

Better Learning

Negative 8. That's the Net Promoter Score (yeah, -8!) current Corporate Learning & Development practices got from more than 700 HR professionals responding to recent research by Deloitte. Are your employees learning?

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More Retention

Forty percent (40%) of participants in a University of Maryland study scored at least 10% higher on recall tests after watching VR. Experiential learning is reportedly 90% better for learning retention than reading (10%) or listening (20%). Are your employees remembering?

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Lead. In Reality.

Eighty-seven (87%) percent of respondents to a recent Harvard Business Review survey* said they are currently "exploring, piloting or deploying Mixed Reality in their company workflows." Will you lead or follow?

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Next Steps...

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